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Forest protection

Forest protection is a core competence of the Bavarian Forestry Administration. Our forests are the natural habitat of many species. Among them are also species that can destroy forest stands. In addition to the native harmful organisms, new ones are constantly being added via global trade. Due to the emerging climate change, it is increasingly easier to establish oneself.

In order to detect damage to the forest in good time and to prevent irreversible stock damage, we carry out species-specific monitoring procedures for various harmful organisms and advise the forest owners on measures to minimize the risk. This is done in close cooperation with the Offices for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (ÄELF), the Bavarian State Forests (BaySF) and the State Institute for Agriculture (LfL) as official plant protection service.

Advice on forestry practice with regard to topics relevant to forest conservation is one of the focal points of the Department of Forest Protection. In training, lectures and publications, we pass on current knowledge to the forestry staff and interested forest owners. Therefore, our research is focused on practice. Only in this way can up-to-date knowledge about "old" and "new" harmful organisms as well as new processes of stock protection be incorporated into the advice and knowledge transfer.

Our topics


We regularly carry out extensive monitoring procedures for various harmful organisms in cooperation with the Bavarian Forestry Authorities. 

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The field of forestry entomology deals with the determination of forest-related insect species that cause damage to forest stands and the prognosis of the possible extent of the damage. 


The field of phytopathology deals with plant diseases of trees. We diagnose damage, determine pathogens, advise and inform about measures of risk minimization. 

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Small mammalian

In the field of small mammals we deal with the forest protection relevant small mammals, v.a. with the vole species. These can cause serious damage in forestry cultures. 

Quarantine pests

Central tasks in this field of work are advice and information on quarantine pests and their monitoring and control. 

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Plant protection forest

With the new Plant Protection Act and the underlying EU regulations, the requirements for plant protection in the forest have in part significantly increased, such as Changes regarding the certificate of competence. 

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