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Our knowledge for practioners
Knowledge transfer and Forestpedagogy

Forest owners, other forestry practitioners and decision-makers are faced with multiple changing conditions and new challenges, for example through technological progress or the impacts of climate change on forests. At the same time society takes more and more awareness about forest-related topics. Especially the management of forests is under a brief and often critical perception.

Therefore objective information about the current forest - or forestry-related challenges for all interest-groups is necessary. New scientific findings on forests and their management must reach the forestry practitioners as well as our citizens in an understandable and applicable way. Because the people of today are increasingly alienated from nature and forests, especially children and teenagers need opportunities to experience forests with all senses. Forestpedagogy as part of an Education for Sustainable Development contributes to this urgent demand.

Knowledge - transfer and information

Forstliche Informationsarbeit
The LWF is communicating about new findings of science and research on forests or forestry to forest owners, foresters and interested citizens in a understandable and practical way. This is done as well with printed publications as with current news and reports on the this homepage or on the information platform of www.waldwissen.net.

Public relation and conferences

Stand des AELF Fürstenfeldbruck auf dem Waldtag Oberbayern (Foto: AELF Fürstenfeldbruck)
With conferences and education forums our forest-experts and scientist are offering their knowledge in direct and authentic settings to the relevant target groups and decision makers.
Furthermore periodical press-releases and other media–offers facilitate insights into the latest and relevant work-results or findings of the LWF.


a75 - Das Waldpädagogik-Netzwerk wird tragfähiger
The forest is a place for experiencing and adventure! Forestpedagogy offers the possibility to experience forest and forestry with all senses and to learn about forests with self-discovering learning-methods. The objectives of Education for Sustainable development are part of this task and is focusing mainly on fostering skills and learning-competences of the participants.

Welt.Erlebnis.Wald Grafrath

The „Welt.Erlebnis.Wald Grafrath“ situated in the north of the Ammersee-lake is a real treasure chest, as well for children as for adults or seniors. More than 200 different foreign tree and shrub species can be discovered in this former botanical forest garden. Actually the location is in development to an forestpedagogy-center, with an wide and diversified annual event-program.

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